Natural Wheat Drinking Straws
  • 100% natural wheat stem
  • Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly (15cm or 21cm long)
  • Non-Toxic, Disposable, Compostable

100% NATURAL – wheat drinking straws are made from natural wheat, making them one of the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly drinking straws available today.

They are made from nothing other than wheat
Perfect for Cocktails, kids Parties, Drinks – Better Alternative to Plastic, Stainless-Steel, Silicone, & Glass Straws

Given that they’re disposable, it’s great to know they are fully biodegradable

Plastic ending up on landfill and polluting our rivers, seas, and oceans is becoming a major problem for the world. Turn away from plastic and make your contribution towards saving the planet today!

The bamboo cutlery set includes Knife Fork Spoon Chopsticks and Straw. Made of 100% natural bamboo, which is non-toxic, durable and long-lasting, and it is lightweight, portable for you to carry outside. No need to worry about the chemicals.

This Bamboo Cutlery Set with Travel Pouch is the perfect size in your camping Cutlery Set with Travel Pouch purse bag, backpack, or lunch box. Lightweight and washable can be used every day. Join the low waste lifestyle and bring your reusable cutlery set with you everywhere you go. Our wooden cutlery set is great for a work lunch, picnic, take away, or even camping

Using the washing brush to enter from both ends of the bamboo straw. Also, you can put camping cutlery set in the dishwasher and reused so many times. After drying perfect for using.

Inspire your friends and family to stop using disposable plastics. With this stylish gift, you can help others contribute to a cleaner environment.


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